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Are you looking for the best flooring installation Illinois services that money can buy? Look no further, at Illinois Flooring Installation Pros we deliver the best floor installation service you could possibly get, with top-notch customer service at a reasonable price anyone can afford!
Customers know they can count on us to get their floor installation in Illinois completed efficiently, effectively, and on time - that's why we're trusted by so many. We love seeing the smiles on our customers' faces when their flooring dreams come to life - even if things get a bit noisy and dusty at first!

We have been proudly serving all of the Western Illinois area, including Joliet, Aurora, Bolingbrook, and more for 20 years. Our floor installation Illinois service is second to none - we install all types of flooring, including carpet, vinyl, hardwood, laminate, tile, and many more! Make sure you call today by using the click-to-call buttons on this page, or by using the quote form on the right hand side of the page. We hope to hear from you soon!
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Flooring Service Illinois

Residential And Commercial Flooring

We offer a lot of different Services the focus on both residential and commercial flooring installation need no matter your flooring needs, our people get the job done to perfection each and every time.

Fair Installation Pricing

We Know Illinois Flooring

Our company is owned and operated by lifelong citizens of the central Illinois area, meaning that we know the flooring installation concerns in Illinois like the back of our hand! Rest assured that our solutions are top-notch.
We strive hard to give you the fairest prices possible, because we know penny-pinching in order to compensate for quality can be an awful experience. We believe that everyone deserves to have the flooring installation service that will truly serve their needs.

Efficient & Effective

 Our flooring service is the most efficient in Illinois. We will go above and beyond to answer your needs as effectively and efficiently as possible so that you can have the floor of your dreams, because that's what you deserve.

We'll install any kind of floor you need:

Hardwood Flooring

We are the hardwood flooring experts that Illinois citizens have always dreamed of. Our hardwood floor installation is beautiful, pristine and timeless. When you have our beautiful hardwood floors installed in your living room, kitchen, bathroom, or any other room you could possibly conceive of, you know you're getting top-notch quality when you order from Illinois Flooring Installation Pros. Imagine the most beautiful hardwood floor in a quiet getaway cabin in the middle of the Hills that's exactly the kind of experience will deliver to your home with our hardwood floors

Tile Flooring

How good is our tile flooring? We really want you to imagine the most beautiful pristine quality of tile flooring (like here on Wikipedia) you can imagine. That's exactly what we will deliver when you pick our tile installation service at Illinois Flooring Installation Pros Choose different types of tiles, get ala-carte prices, take some samples, whatever you need to be sure you're getting the highest quality tile installation service - we guarantee you will be satisfied.

Laminate Flooring

Our laminate flooring installation services are the best you'll ever find in Illinois. We deliver all kinds of beautiful laminate flooring to your home conveniently and effectively at a rate you can afford. Don't spend any more time looking at pictures of beautiful laminate flooring online and think yourself "I'll never have a floor like that" - with Illinois Flooring Installation Pros you can be sure you'll get the best laminate flooring that money can buy! We've been doing it for 20 years and we'd love for you to be our next customer.

Wood Flooring

Our wood flooring is so beautiful it's like looking at a postcard at our company we trade wood flooring very seriously and we guarantee we will take care of all your wood flooring installation needs call us today and learn more about how you can sample different kinds of wood for your floor and get the Quality Floor you've always wanted for a reasonable price you can afford juice for multiple kinds of wood whatever kind of wood you need for your floor, rest assured it’s here!

Premium Flooring Services For Every Occasion.

Types Of Services



Types Of Flooring



Residential Flooring

When it comes to residential flooring Illinois we are the number one flooring company in the state. We serve all of Western Illinois residential flooring needs. Do you need your bathroom, living room, or kitchen flooring redone to exact specifications? We will give you the floor of your dreams - at Illinois Flooring Installation Pros, we take all residential jobs incredibly seriously, deliver top-notch results every single time at a reasonable price. Call us today for a free quote and will come over to your home and access your situation, then offer you the best high quality materials at a price you can afford so you can rest assured you'll have the flooring installation you've always dreamed of!

Commercial Flooring

For commercial flooring Illinois we're also your go-to guys for getting the job done at an incredible price no matter the size of the project! Call us for a free quote and we'll get you taken care of. Do you need a building taken care of? Do you need  a new piece of real estate floored up? No job is too big or too small and if you hire us take care of your commercial flooring installation Illinois you will be sure to be thrilled with what we do. We're trusted by dozens and dozens of brands across this great state of ours and we know you can be one more of them if you call us today for your commercial flooring needs.

Flooring Areas Of Service

Joliet IL
Bolingbrook IL
Aurora IL
Orland Park IL

Joliet IL

Joliet IL is a wonderful town with a population of around 149,645 - and we absolutely love serving our Joliet customers! We have been a proud source of flooring installation Joliet needs for hardwood flooring, laminate flooring, tile installation, anything to do with flooring - Joliet citizens know they can go to Illinois Flooring Installation Pros for all of their flooring needs and desires.

Bolingbrook IL

At a neat little population of 75,382, our Bolingbrook customers are among our favorites (don't tell the other towns!) We love installing floors for Bloomington citizens, and we take immense pride in being the number one source of floor installation for any single one of Bolingbrook's 75k citizens. When Bolingbrook citizens need a beautiful new hardwood floor, some new tiles, or any other kind of flooring, they know we're the ones to call.

Orland Park IL

Orland Park has the humblest population of our service area, hovering at just around 60,032. That doesn't mean we strive any less to meet their flooring needs - some of the most beautiful laminate and hardwood floors in Orland Park (if we do say ourselves) came straight from us and our hard-working, skilled floor installers at Illinois Flooring installation Pros. Any one from the Orland Park area who needs a beautiful floor installed knows who to get a hold of.

Aurora IL

 As the second biggest city in all of Illinois (!!!) Aurora IL's population of 202,709 has trusted Illinois Flooring Installation Pros to install the most beautiful, timeless floors imaginable, at a wonderful price that everyone would agree is more than fair for the quality. We install hardwood floors, laminate floors, tile floors, any kind of floors - Aurora citizens have loved us for our floors for years now.

If you live in any of the above areas, call us today and get the floor of your dreams delivered straight to you!

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